What is NLP mind control?

NLP mind control doesn’t exist. NLP is the study of communication and influence. If we add in the latest approaches and lessons from neuroscience, we can develop some very powerful approaches to manage our own mind and influence others. This means that it’s possible to lead some, but not all, people’s attention and thought processes. This is particularly true if we appeal to their values and use basic hypnotic language.

This means that anyone who becomes good at these skills, has a responsibility to use them for their clients (and the world’s) good, and not their own self interest.

Luckily we’re bombarded with so many messages these days, that it requires a lot of work to influence a section or various sections of the population. However as an example of influence is shown in Scott Adam’s book Win Bigly, where he explain that Donald Trump (and, in my view, Boris Johnson in the UK) are using basic hypnotic principles to influence the electorate.

This is not saying that they are good or bad leaders, however, it is saying they are using specific techniques (which are not based on evidence or facts) to influence their voters.

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What is NLP mind control?

What is NLP mind control?