Is NLP a recognised qualification?

Sometimes yes, mostly no. The benefit of learning to use NLP is that it will help you produce significantly better results in a variety of situations.

A number of leaders and bosses know this and will treat NLP as a recognised qualification. Some NLP qualifications areĀ  worth more than others, so train with the best. In coaching and sales, for example, it’s exceptionally useful.

Some leaders and bosses aren’t aware of NLP (or know about it, but don’t understand it) and to them it isn’t a recognised qualification.

The best approach is to work out what you want to achieve, and look at a variety of disciplines to achieve it. If in doubt speak to people that have used it. Remember achieving results is more important to most people.

NLP is exceptionally useful to anyone involved in communication and influence, including sales, negotiation, coaching, counselling, facilitation, leadership and management. In most cases results are more important than qualifications.

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Is NLP a recognised qualification?

Is NLP a recognised qualification?