Is NLP still relevant?

NLP is very relevant in 2020 as it’s an effective and efficient way to improve our communication and influence skills, which are key as we move further into the knowledge age.

NLP is basically a modelling approach. We take what we think works and test, refine and re-test until we produce the results we want. The original NLP models are based on communication and influence, which have been continually built on and refined.

As we move in the post industrial age, these skills are becoming more important.

Traditional training is spectacularly bad at teaching these skills, so NLP is very relevant.

NLP went through a phase of being ‘oversold’ and ‘hyped’ between 1990 – 2010, but the core principles hold true. The ‘froth’ has now reduced and we’re left with some very effective core principles, which are being continually refined.

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Is NLP still relevant?

Is NLP still relevant?