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How much does NLP training cost?

NLP training starts costing nothing. For example, we have a lot of free NLP techniques on this site.

Books and online courses range from £8- £80, ($10-$100). Traditional face-to-face practitioner training courses are around £1600 – £3520 ($2000-$4000). NLP Co-founder, Richard Bandler, runs 3 day personal enhancement workshops for £14,175 ($17,500.).

So you have a lot of choice, and you should do your research before committing. Our own 1:1 online NLP practitioner training costs £300 ($380) a month for 6 months (total £1800 or $2300). We offer a free discovery phase of 3 ‘no charge’ online sessions for anyone who is genuinely interested.

All methods of training have merit, so choose what’s best for you and treat NLP training as a part of lifelong learning.  NLP is about being interested in what leads to great performance, so think about which training will give you the most benefit.

What is the value of NLP Training?

The NLP training cost isn’t so important if you get significant value from the training. The value of NLP training is as dependent on the client and the environment they work in, as on the trainer. For example, someone setting up a service business, or taking their business to the next level, can gain substantially from the right NLP training. It can even be the difference between significant long term success  and short term failure.

For someone starting their career journey, or for someone whose career has temporarily crashed, the right NLP training can put them on track, or back on track, for a really successful career.

How to get value from the right NLP training?

To get the best value from any training we need to want to achieve something that’s important to us. In the case of NLP training, this can include helping us:

  • Clarify what we want to achieve.
  • Clarify where we are now, and a route map to move forward.
  • Build great relationships with the people we’ll need to support us.
  • Identify and build the skills we’ll need for our journey.
  • .Use our time, energy, and attention efficiently
  • Overcome any ‘blocks’ that might otherwise hold us back.
  • Keep us on track.

Who benefits the most from NLP training?

I’ve found clients with the following characteristics benefit significantly from NLP training:

  • A touch of ambition, courage, discipline and openness.
  • Commit to get the very best from the programme.
  • Commit at least a minimum amount of time and emotional work to to the programme.
  • Choose the right trainer for them.

Any cautions about NLP training?

My only word of caution is that NLP training is experiential rather than theoretical, and sometimes people that have learned NLP from books and some online and face to face courses have to ‘unlearn’ this when they go to a quality seminar or start to work with clients.

My suggestion is that you talk to as many NLP trainers and NLP coaches as you can (including us), listen to what what they say, but then make up your own mind.

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How much does NLP training cost?