NLP Technique | Amplify Good Feelings

NLP Technique | Amplify Great Feelings

In this short video, Michael Beale takes you through an NLP technique that uses submodalities to amplify good feelings, and then anchor them for access at any time in the future.

NLP Technique To Amplify Good Feelings

  1. Find somewhere you can relax and be comfortable, and where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Think of a great experience you have had. 
  3. Step into that memory. See the things you saw, hear the things you heard, smell the smells and feel the feelings.
  4. Intensify those sights, sounds, and feelings. Make them bigger, brighter, stronger, nearer.  Experiment with which changes make the memory even better.  Find a point where everything is maximised.
  5. Where in your body do you feel this good sensation? Trace this good sensation as it moves through you.
  6. Amplify good feelings by making the movement bigger, stronger, and faster until you are bathed all over in this good feeling.
  7. Find something to anchor this feeling to.

Remember that by firing that anchor, you will be able to feel this good feeling again very easily.

(In NLP, an anchor is a stimulus or trigger paired with a specific response. Anchors may be set deliberately or inadvertently, openly, or covertly. Source Business NLP Training.)

In the next section we explore dissolving bad memories.

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25: Visual Squash
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27: Summary

NLP Amplify great feelings
NLP Amplify great feelings