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NLP Techniques List

All our programmes are designed to help to you create effective change and lead yourself and others to success and fulfilment. Free NLP techniques list: The videos and transcripts have been designed to support those on our programmes; however, you are welcome to explore them without charge, whether you are taking a programme or not.

Certified NLP Training

We offer unique 1:1 NLP Training worldwide, specifically for professionals and business people. Our programmes are certified by NLP co-founder Richard Bandler and the SNLP. We’re currently offering three free discovery sessions for suitable potential clients. Please take a look at 1:1 NLP practitioner training and our full range of NLP courses, or book a free 30-minute telephone/video call to find out more.

NLP Techniques List
List of NLP Techniques

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4: Feedforward | Actively and Continually Seeking Ideas To Improve
5: NLP and Decision Making
6. NLP, Success and Fulfilment
7. Starting a NLP Coaching Business. Be No 1 in Your Niche!
8. NLP, Health and Resilience, 9 Essential Guidelines
9. NLP Leadership. What Makes a Really Great Leader?
10. How NLP and Stakeholder Centred Coaching® Can Work Together
11. NLP Professional Presentations Checklist. 


NLP Techniques List of Topics

You can search by topic or by individual subject area in the alphabetic list below.

1 What is NLP

1: What is NLP | What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming 
2: The NLP Adventure Starts
3: Mental maps and world view
4: Cognitive Dissonance
5: Confirmation Bias 
6: More Heuristics, Effects and Biases
7: What does NLP offer?
8: Do I need a coach?
9: Get the most of this guide?
10: Exercise
11: Summary

2 Questions about NLP

1:What are the benefits of NLP?
2: What is NLP Certification?
3: Can NLP Change your life?
4: Does NLP really work?
5: How can NLP help you?
6: How does Neuro Linguistic Programming work?
7: How much do NLP coaches earn?
8: How much do NLP practitioners earn?
9: How much does NLP training cost?
10: Is Neuro Linguistic Programming real?
11: Is NLP a recognised qualification?
12: Is NLP a type of hypnosis?
13: Is NLP discredited?
14: Is NLP easy to learn? Or is NLP hard to learn?
15: Is NLP still relevant?
16: What is NLP mind control?
17: What is a NLP Practitioner?
18: What is a Master Practitioner?
19: What is a NLP coach Practitioner?
20: Why is NLP important?

3 NLP Plan

1: Why plan?
2: Self sabotage
3: Plans A, B & Z
4: Success Quiz
5: Time, energy and focus
6: End goals, milestones and focus
7: Feedforward
8: Planning and review questions
9: Daily questions
10: Summary

4 NLP coaching

1: NLP Coaching Introduction
2: Coaching models
3: NLP Basics: NLP Presuppositions, eye accessing cues and representational systems, and NLP submodalities
4: NLP coaching model
5: Beginning frame
6: States and anchors
7: End goals and direction
8: Rapport
9: Where are you
10: Getting to there
11: Mental rehearsal
12: End frame
13: Summary
14: CEO and executive coaching follow up

5 Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques

NLP Techniques for Anxiety

1: NLP Techniques
2: Affirmations
3: Amplify feelings
4: Bad memories (Dissolving)
5: Bad memories (Exploding)
6: Belief change
7: NLP Coaching
8: Perceptual positions
9: Fast phobia cure
10: Hypnosis and meditation, Hypnotic Induction and Deepening, Elman Induction,  and separately Free Hypnosis MP3s
11: Luck
12: Mental Rehearsal 
13: Metaprogrammes, Profiles and Preferences
14: Modelling
15: Progressive dissociation
16: Rapport
17: Self Compassion
18: Submodalities
19. Six step re-framing
20: Storytelling
21: States and anchors
22: Strategies
23. Swish
24: Timeline therapy
25: Visual Squash
26: Values
27: Summary

6 NLP Business

1: Leadership, Management Action and Review
2: Career.
3: Going Solo

7 NLP Leadership

1: Leadership, management, action and review
2: Rules of Leadership
3: Management
4: Action
5: Review
6: Summary

8 NLP Career

1: Managing our manager
2: Managing our stakeholders
3: Developing our network
4: Getting better at what we do
5: Summary

9 NLP Sales 

1: NLP Sales Introduction
2: Customers’ buying cycle
3: Questions to identify your initial problem and value Statements
4: Getting appointments (framework script)
5: Handling classic and specific objections when getting appointments
6: Handling other objections when getting appointments
7: Advancing the sale
8: Closing
9: Value, proposals and negotiation
10: Implementation, case studies, referrals and testimonials
11: New Media
12: NLP approaches that make the difference.

10 NLP Going Solo

1: Start with the end in mind
2: Balanced Scorecard
3: Customer Proposition
4: Your Brand
5: Choosing Customers
6: Reaching Customers
7: Cash Flow
8: Summary

11 Books

1: NLP Books
2: Coaching Books
3: Sales Books
4: Seduction Books

12 NLP Training

1: Developing Your Success System (Online NLP course)
2: Richard Bandler Online Streaming
3: NLP Coaching Training
4: NLP Business Training
5: NLP Coaching
6: NLP Practitioner Training
7: NLP Business Practitioner
8: NLP Master Practitioner
9: NLP Coaching Practitioner

10: Free NLP Training and Techniques course pdfs

13 Partners

14 Seduction

1: Free seduction workshop

NLP Techniques List in Alphabetical Order

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About Michael Beale
Amplify Feelings


Bad Memories – (Dissolving)
Bad Memories (Exploding)
Beginning Frame
Belief Change
Body Scan Relaxation (MP3)


Career (Managing our manager)
Career (Managing our stakeholders)
Career (Managing our network)
Career (Getting better at we do)
Coach (Do I need a coach?)
Coaching Books
Cognitive Dissonance
Confirmation Bias


Daily Questions


End Frame
End Goals and Direction


Fast Phobia Cure


Getting to There

Going Solo
Going Solo (Start with the end in mind)
Going Solo (Balanced Scorecard)
Going Solo (Customer Proposition)
Going Solo (Your Brand)
Going Solo (Choosing Your Customers)
Going Solo (Reaching Customers)
Going Solo (Cash Flow)
Going Solo (Summary)


How to benefit from this NLP guide/site
Hypnosis, Hypnotic Influence and Meditation





Leadership (Basics)
Leadership (Management)
Leadership (Action)
Leadership (Review)


Mental Maps and World View
Mental Rehearsal/Future Pacing
Meta Model
Michael’s Testimonials


NLP (What is NLP?)
NLP (What does NLP offer?)
NLP Adventure
NLP Books
NLP Career
NLP Coaching
NLP Coaching Model
NLP Leadership
NLP Going Solo (Starting Your Business)
NLP Plan
NLP Sales

NLP Sitemap


Perceptual Positions
Phobia Cure

Planning (Plans A,B, Z)
Planning (Review Questions)
Planning (Sabotage)
Progressive Dissociation





Sales (Attitude, states and beliefs)
Sales (Customer buying cycle)
Sales Books
Sales (Problem and value statements)
Sales (Getting appointments)
Sales (Handling classic objections)
Sales (Other objections)
Sales (Closing Progressing the sale):
Self Compassion
Senses and Sub-modalities
Six Step Re-framing
States and Anchors
Stories and Storytelling
Success Models/Systems
Success Quiz


Time, Energy and Focus
Time and Timelines



Values and Value Rules
Visual Squash