NLP Questions | How much do NLP practitioners earn?

How much do NLP practitioners earn?

There are two very different routes to consider.

  1. Starting a pure NLP business, or
  2. using NLP as an amplifier for what you’re already good at.

We normally recommend the second option, even if you then start your own NLP business later.

NLP Practitioners

Practitioners who set themselves up as a business offering pure professional services such as a practitioner or coach, often suffer the same fate as many people who initially set up their own business. 80% fail within the first two years. Those that succeed earn between $25,000 and $80,000 a year with, with a tiny number earning much, much more.

Although failing can be a tough experience, many learn from what’s happened and move on to very successful careers in related disciplines.

However if you’re drawn to this option, and you put the work in, you can have an exceptionally satisfying life, helping other on their life journeys. In addition, if you stick with it, all sorts of other opportunities will open up for you.

Those who have a touch of

  • ambition
  • courage,
  • discipline, and
  • focus on
    • looking after themselves (as well as their clients)
    • developing their sales and marketing skills
    • developing their NLP and coaching skills on a continual basis,

will invariably succeed.

At the beginning, marketing skills are probably more important than NLP skills. This is because they need clients to work with to fully develop the NLP skills.

CEOs, directors, salespeople, consultants and other professionals who use NLP as part of their profession

NLP is a great amplifier, if you’re already a good CEO, salesperson, consultant etc, an NLP practitioner certification can put your career or business on a far better trajectory, as well as setting yourself up with some key skills  to set up or grow your own business, if that’s what you want to do later.

NLP and influence skills are a key element in any profession, investing in developing these capabilities will always give you a great return.

If you’re earning $50,000, put yourself on track to earn $100, 000. If you’re earning $100,000, put yourself on track to earn $200,000 etc.

If you really want to start a pure NLP business, you can then build it as a side project at your convenience.

How you can earn more as an NLP practitioner

  • Take responsibility for yourself, commit to making yourself a success (within whatever is ethical to you).
  • Take the time to develop a purpose and vision which helps you and helps you contribute to something bigger than you.
  • Use your time, energy and attention wisely of a daily basis. Develop useful daily routines.
  • Model practitioners and others on how they’ve succeeded and built their revenues. The process normally helps both of you improve.
  • Develop at least a touch of ambition, courage, discipline and honesty.
  • Look after your health and personal relationships.
  • Identify your key stakeholders and find out how you can add value to them, and regularly ask for feed-forward, ideas of how you can improve in the future.
  • Identify the other people who will help you succeed, continually seek feedback, feed-forward and ask how you can help them.

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How much do NLP practitioners earn?
How much do NLP practitioners earn?