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Richard Bandler co-created NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) with John Grinder. NLP is a modelling discipline which combines elements of hypnosis and clean questions. You can access Richard’s back catalogue through the NLP Eternal platform.

Richard Bandler, NLP on-line streaming
Richard Bandler app, NLP on-line streaming

Watching and listening to this huge catalogue of unique NLP content has significantly improved my NLP capability and effectiveness.” NLP Trainer and NLP Coach Trainer, Michael Beale

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Subscribe to NLP Eternal for a powerful way of building your Neuro-Linguistic Programming skills. Get immediate and unlimited streaming access on  your computer, phone, tablet, or TV to both the original and the latest NLP catalogue from John La Valle and NLP Co-Creator Richard Bandler.

Watch and listen to many of Richard and John’s NLP, hypnosis and influence trainings. At $199 annual membership the investment  is a much lower than attending a live session, and you’ll find out the value of attending one or more of their live training events in the future.

The catalogue is large and comprehensive, and continually updated.

Michael’s favorites:

Persuasion engineering

Dr Richard Bandler's and John La Valle's Persuasion Engineering
Dr Richard Bandler’s and John La Valle’s Persuasion Engineering

This program was originally scheduled to release later in 2020 but it’s released early because what everyone could use most in 2020 is a stronger way to communicate when it comes to building better lives for ourselves and others.

That’s why they’re releasing a new and updated edition of Persuasion Engineering┬«! This program is EXCLUSIVE to NLP Eternal Unlimited Subscribers and is newer than any previously released products.

The series covers all 3 days of the seminar and contain the latest information about using NLP for sales, business, and other communication.

Design human engineering 2000

Richard Bandler | Design Human Engineering
Richard Bandler | Design Human Engineering

Richard Bandler & John La Valle teach and demonstrate their latest innovations in communication models in a Design Human Engineering┬« seminar held in Orlando, Florida in the year 2000.

This Fourteen (14) part program is designed to be an additional classic for all who want to evolve even more into the next century.

Personal Enhancement 1) and 2)

Over the years and through countless clients, Dr. Bandler found that they all need a few of the same things. This NLP program is designed to hypnotically teach you those things.

Learn how to change your beliefs, create wealth, become determined, add passion to your life and get motivated to do it.

This 6 program set goes way beyond any other technology to improve your results in specific areas of your personal life such as wealth planning, designing your own destiny, increasing passion, and completely supercharging your life!

The Personal Enhancement Series is an easy, effective way to access more of the power and potential of your incredible brain using NLP. It’s a brilliant example of Richard Bandler hypnosis audio,

Certified 1:1 NLP Training. Worldwide.

Michael offer’s 1:1 Richard Bandler and the SNLP certified training worldwide. To test whether this approach is right for you we are currently offering suitable candidates three free discovery sessions.