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New Media

Social Media. The importance of old and new media in sales

Let’s look at what social media is and how it can help the selling process:

  • A database of possible contacts
  • Information about possible contacts so we know more about them
  • A means of contacting possible prospects
  • A means of keeping up to date with existing contacts
  • A means of publicising and sharing articles/opinions to attract followers in our target market
  • Research trends and best practice
  • Advertising

In addition, when selling business services to business customers it can be effective to extract potential customers details from social media to a CRM system to email corporate prospects  at work (complying with current opt out legislation).

Social media isn’t a instant solution, but it does seriously compliment traditional communications channels like phone, email and post.

Lets look at the current most popular social media platforms.

(To be continued),

In the final sub-section we look at how NLP can help our selling

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New Media
New Media