Sales Attitude. These are personal. What states and beliefs work for you? Work on these suggestions as a starter.

Useful states might include:

Authentic, caring/not caring, curious, courageous, determined, listening, mischievous, open, passionate, persistent, playful, resourceful, results focused, tender.

Write out your own list, coming up with as many useful states as you can. Then review our post on states and anchors. Review when you’ve accessed the most useful states in your daily questions.

Useful beliefs about you and your clients

Useful beliefs about you (us?) might include:

I am successful, I choose success, I will be successful, I’m determined to be successful, rehearsing the ‘tough’ stuff leads to results, if I do the right work on a continual basis I’ll get great results. I can learn.

Useful beliefs about your (our) clients might include:

They’re going to be successful, they listen to me, they’re doing the best they can with what they know know, they have the capability to learn.

Write out your own list. Then review our post on beliefs and belief change. Practise them.

Sales Attitude. Useful States and Beliefs

Sales Attitude. Useful States and Beliefs