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Other Objections

These are some suggested approaches to other telephone objections that you might get when contacting people on the telephone.

Have fun. Be creative. Be mischievous, but always polite and respectful. Ask your colleagues for ideas. Ask the buyers you work with for ideas. (They’ve heard all the good ones!!)

We don’t take sale calls

1 Don’t sound like a salesperson
2 Ask “What makes you think this is a sales call?”.  Or I’m looking for some input (or looking to share) some unique research.
3 I’ve a message to call Michael? (You’re not totally sure who it originally came from, you’re pa passed it to you)

We have a ‘no name’ policy. We don’t give out names

1 Find a name from LinkedIn, when you get through to them ask them who the right person is. Then call the right person using your original contact as a referral.
2 Ask for the CEO. When you get through to his/her pa ask for the right person.
3 Google the company and position, it might come up.

Drop us an email

1 Ask a question that the individual would have to refer you to the person you want to speak to.

Getting past the gatekeeper

1 Put me through to Michael, I’ve a message to  he’s expecting my call. (You might email first saying you’ call)
2 My Managing Director asked me to call.
3 Sound lost and ask for the gatekeepers help.

Buyers who say they are only interested in price

1 I assume you’re interested in the total cost of ownership?
2 I totally understand, however I can only give quote you a price when I know more about your business.

In the next section we move on to advancing the sale.

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Other Telephone Objections
Other Telephone Objections