In this short video, Michael talks through a technique to improve self-compassion. This technique is very helpful for people feeling anxiety and stress.

Be aware that abreaction may occur. So only use this technique if you are ok with that.

NLP Technique To Increase Self Compassion

  1. Find a place where you are comfortable and won’t be disturbed.
  2. Think of 5 characters that you regard unconditionally. These could be family members, friends, pets, childhood toys. As long as they are someone whose opinion you respect.
  3. Call up an anxiety and step into that worry. Immerse yourself in it. Describe it using all your senses and then come up with a totally honest description of how you feel: “I really feel worried about . . . it makes me feel shaky and sick.”
  4. Relax gently and imagine all the thousands and thousands of people in the world who also feel this way.
  5. Gently wish them well, send them gentle good wishes, and imagine them wishing you well in return.
  6. Surround yourself with your characters.  Imagine them saying to you “Be kind to yourself, care for yourself, nurture yourself, be kind, nurture, care for . . .” Repeat these words to yourself, and accept those nurturing and compassionate thoughts.
  7. When you have finished, check in with how you feel. Has anything changed?  Accept however you are, don’t question it.  Notice something, however small, that you can do to help yourself in the future.
  8. Come back into your day and take that learning with you.

As humans, we can be very self critical. This self compassion technique restores some of the balance and is good for our mental health.

The next section is about senses and sub-modalities. A key component of of NLP?

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Key NLP Techniques Section Index

1: NLP Techniques
2: Affirmations
3: Amplify feelings
4: Bad memories (Dissolving)
5: Bad memories (Exploding)
6: Beliefs and belief change
7: Perceptual positions
8: Fast phobia cure
9: Hypnosis and meditation
10: Luck
11: Metaprogrammes, Profiles and Preferences
12: Modelling
13. Progressive dissociation
14: Self Compassion (This video)
15: Senses and Sub-modalities
16. Six step re-framing
17: Storytelling
18: Strategies
19. Swish
20: Time and timeline
21. Visual Squash
22: Values and value rules
23: Summary

NLP Technique  Compassion

NLP Technique Compassion