What is NLP | Suggested NLP Exercise

Suggested NLP Exercise

Video explaining how to complete the NLP Exercise.

I’ve already said that you’ll gain more from this site if you participate, so it’s really worthwhile setting aside some time to complete this NLP Exercise.

1. Choose end goals
  • Choose 3-5 end goals that if you achieved them all in, say, 10 years (any long term timescale works) you would feel intensely satisfied.
    • When choosing, think both about what you get out of achieving them and what you’ll learn from tackling them.

At this stage the only rules are that they should be what you want, as opposed to what you want to avoid, and that you are prepared to dare to dream.

For example – financial freedom, geographical freedom, building a successful business, having a healthy and happy family.

2. Add milestones to your goals

What are they? Break them in a small number of manageable milestones; As in, smaller stepping-stones between now and the final goal.  About three milestones is a good number.

For example :

‘I want to move to another country in the next couple of years. In order to do so I’ll have to :

  1. Do some general research to help me decide on which country it should be.
  2. Study the native language to a level of proficiency
  3. Touch base and scout for job opportunities.’
3. Find areas to focus on

Now select 1-3 focus areas that will help you move forward now on at least one (maybe more) of your end goals. Typical focus areas include:
1) building your network,
2) developing your sales and influence skills, and/or
3) develop your health and resilience.

After completing this exercise congratulate yourself, because you’ve taken a step in investing in your future.

4. Now select some key development areas

Now select 1-3 development areas. What are the key skills and capabilities that together would help you easily rise to achieve your focus area, milestones and end goals.

You might select 1, 2 or 3 from this list: Accounting,  Cold Calling, Cold Reading, Influence, Maths and Computing Odds, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Meditation, Negotiation, Networking, NLP, Public speaking, Sales, Social Media, Storytelling, Web Applications, Writing.

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The next link gives you a Section Summary of the most important ideas so far.

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What is NLP | Suggested NLP Exercise
What is NLP | Suggested NLP Exercise