Business NLP. Using the Power of NLP in Business.

Introductory video to NLP Techniques in Business.

NLP is the study of what works, and as such, any site about NLP in business has to start by detailing the areas that it is important to get right.

Clients who use NLP in their businesses report that as managers and leaders they are now better coaches, motivators and influencers. Their organisations benefit from improved performance, more successful conflict resolution and more productive communication.   Additionally, NLP techniques enhance negotiation and selling skills.

In the next sections we look at key areas of:

  1. Leadership, Management Action and Review. Whatever we do, we’re involved in each of these activities, albeit to different amounts.
  2. Career. Wherever we are, we need to lead and manage our careers.
  3. Sales. It’s useful for all us to improve our sales skills.
  4. Going Solo. While this is aimed at those people who want to run their own companies, many of the suggestions apply to the value any of us offer our manager and stakeholders.
  5. Starting a Business. Under construction, (videos complete).

These areas are divided based on the type of work you may find yourself in – but they cover some general areas that are important to the majority of business people.

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The next section looks at Leadership, Management Action and Review.

Business NLP
Business NLP