NLP Career | Managing our Stakeholders

Why stakeholders management matters.

Video introducing the importance of stakeholder management.

Your relationship with your stakeholders is more important than you may realise.

I remember one of my delegates telling me what a consultant had once said to him:

“You’re unlikely to get promoted just because you’re good at your job. You’ll get promoted because some of your stakeholders will champion you – because you’ll help with their objectives. So – note all your key stakeholders on a piece of paper. Find a genuine reason and context to talk to them all individually.”

Your job is to move them towards championing you over time. Don’t rush it – take a step at a time. If someone really dislikes you, your first job is to get them to dislike you less. If someone rates you, your job is to get them to rate you more. There are many approaches in the NLP Techniques sections that will help.

Stakeholder management is similar to managing your manager with one exception : you need to establish who they are. A good starting point is to simply list the names of the key ones and come up with a simple plan for each.

The next section is about managing our network.

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Managing our stakeholders
Managing our stakeholders