NLP Technique | Luck

NLP Technique | Luck

In this short video, Michael Beale explains why luck is something worth considering, and working upon.

How To Improve Your Luck. How To Be Lucky

We can get stuck in a mindset, which means we miss opportunities. Luck isn’t something that comes from nowhere. Lucky people work at it.  There are four ways you can increase your luckiness:

  1. Do things. Be proactive. Seek new experiences. Find new people. Opportunities don’t find you, you have to find them. Do things in a way that feels comfortable but work on the edge of your comfort zone.
  2. Listen to your gut feelings, they are important. Take steps to improve your instinct by being still, meditating, listening to yourself.
  3. Expect good luck. Lucky people expect to be successful when they try something, so future pace anything you try.
  4. Turn bad luck into good. Bad things do happen, so don’t overblow them. Although it’s good to be positive, this doesn’t mean you avoid the tough stuff – just make sure you learn from it. Sometimes we learn more when things go wrong than if they had gone right.

Michael’s thoughts build upon The Luck Factor by Richard Wiseman – which he recommends you read.

In the next section we explore meta-programmes. A very useful way of using profiles and preferences.

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11: Luck
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17: Self Compassion
18: Submodalities
19. Six step re-framing
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24: Timeline therapy
25: Visual Squash
26: Values
27: Summary

NLP Technique Luck
NLP Technique Luck